Brian Lloyd performing Stand-up comedy in New York City.

Brian lloyd

Brian Lloyd is a New York based stand-up comedian and the creator and operator of Dirty Bubble Media. Raised in Queens, New York, Brian grew up always placing himself in the center of attention, even though no one really wanted him there. In high school Brian first put himself in front of the camera on his school's daily TV program and he hasn't looked back. Since then Brian has begun a career both on and off the air doing the only thing that makes sense, trying to make people laugh with stuff that he makes with his brain (except that one semester he tried to become a doctor LOL what an idiot!). In addition to Idiots Without Credibility, Brian can be heard hosting a radio show in Northeast Pennsylvania and can be seen performing stand-up all over New York City. He's desperately trying to live up to winning "Most Likely to Become a Comedian" in his high school yearbook (even though he stuffed the ballot... and probably was the only one that actually voted). . Read Brian's stuff

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Rob bowe

Rob Bowe is a kid born and raised in Queens,New York but currently attends college in New Rochelle, New York. Focusing mainly on Broadcast Media, Rob hopes to pursue a career in Radio and television. Using his sense of humor and writing skills, Rob would like to write for television and form relationships with up and coming comedians. Along with the IWC Podcast, Rob can also be heard on the PBJ Radio show on Iona College's radio station. Read Rob's stuff

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Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears...Dania (/dän-yə\) is a literary genius whose knowledge of philosophy and history began in her early years of grade school, and stayed there. Since the Internet, Dania has neglected outdoor sports and devoted her life to Twitter and Vine. She hopes her charming personality and degree in Strategic Communication will take her anywhere but Scranton, PA, where she was born and raised without having ever watched an episode of "The Office." She pretends to be vegetarian, can bench press roughly 25 pounds and has an extra atrioventricular bypass tract between the atria and ventricles of her heart. Read Dania's stuff


Justin Alonso

Justin is his name and offensive, over the top social commentary is his game. IWC’s resident Cuban is a Queens bred fountain for sarcasm. Attending St. John’s University, a local hub for all things wrong with modern society, there is no end to the things that Justin can, and probably will, rant about. Looking to move into the realm of marketing and advertising after college, he hopes to further his knowledge of social tendencies to create the best marketing campaign known to man (for IWC of course). He loves to make people laugh while more than likely making himself look stupid in the process. Read Justin's stuff