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Pepsi Can Featured in Ad Is Outraged With the Outcome

Pepsi Can Featured in Ad Is Outraged With the Outcome

Protests are so in right now. They've been tending since roughly November 9, 2016, and teens everywhere are doing it. Your mom is probably protesting, too. So naturally, Pepsi should do it. You see, Coke likes laying low and reminiscing back to old times (wink wink nudge nudge when nobody had rights)... but Pepsi? This shit is millennial. 

We sat down with the Pepsi can that was featured in this scandalous ad (until its removal.)


IWC: Hello Pepsi Can

Pepsi Can: You may call me PC, and that's what Pepsi's ad agency should've been - PC. It's 2017.


IWC: So how do you feel during this time?

PC: I thought I was going to be on a beach with Kendall, who would be wearing a Kimoji One-Piece. I was really thrown off guard when I saw police officers on set. Once they put me in Kendall's hands, I was like WTF!


IWC: I know, the ad was incredibly weird and insensitive-

PC: YEAH DID YOU SEE THE WAY SHE WAS HOLDING ME. I swear to G above I thought I was going to slip right out of her scrawny hand. I was screaming the whole time but you couldn't hear me. Not because of the crowd but because of my fucking tears. 


IWC: Can you tell us more about the experience?

PC: I'm traumatized. And nobody is thinking about my feelings, which makes things worse. I was manipulated in this and I can't even get a lawyer because I am a can of soda. 


IWC: At least you got to work with Kendall Jenner.

PC: Kendall Jenner doesn't know the difference between the words "indifferent" and "different." I asked if she liked Pepsi and she said, "Yeah I drink Pepsi with burgers and pizza because I'm a normal human just like you." And I was like, "I'm a literal can of soda." But then she asked about me and my life. I told her I'm an indifferent person when it comes to most things that I cannot control. She goes, "Yeah I'm really indifferent too like I'm a model but I'm natural." I almost spilt myself. 


At this point in time, our writer Rob walked in and actually drank PC. Rob now has acid reflux and PC died. 




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