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Ocean Safe: Latest North Korea Launch Fails


Word around the world is that North Korea attempted to launch a missile and it literally blew up in their face. Amid all of the recent international tension, it is unknown to whom the missile was targeted for, but our best guess is it was the Ocean.

Despite the reputation that North Korea is not a fan of Americans, the number one target of Kim Jong Un's famous missiles is the ocean. Actually it's the Ocean, like, every single time.


Our sources in the ocean tell us they're very happy about the recent failure and still question why Kim Jong Un hates the Ocean so much.

"We are all delighted the attack failed," Barry the Fish said. "But what has the ocean ever done to North Korea? Every time he launches a missile it lands in the ocean."

IWC is launching a full-on investigation to determine why the Ocean is public enemy number one in North Korea. Our first inclination is that maybe, just maybe, Kim Jong Un can't swim despite his buoyant appearance. It is unknown at this time if he can in fact float. More to come.

Stand By Folks: We're Coming Back

Stand By Folks: We're Coming Back

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