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Oscars 2017- What to Know Best Supporting Actor & Actress

Oscars 2017- What to Know Best Supporting Actor & Actress


It's finally here! The culmination of awards season, the grand finale. The 89th Academy Awards are tomorrow, and if you're like most people I know you don't really care, haven't seen any or most of these films, or both. Luckily for you I am more excited for this then I was for the Super Bowl. That may be a product of being a Jets fan, but nevertheless here's what you need to know going into tomorrow night.

Best Supporting Actor


Aside from the best actor race, this may be the best chance for an upset. Mahershala Ali has been the front runner for most/all of awards season. Wily veteran and Academy favorite Jeff Bridges is vintage Bridges in Hell or High Water. Dev Patel could be the first Indian to win an Oscar, in a role in which his ethnicity is not defining, and this could be the one category to honor the film Lion. Lucas Hedges and Michael Shannon are also nominated for Manchester by the Sea and Nocturnal Animals respectively, but both seem too overshadowed by better performances in their respective movies to challenge Ali. Shannon in particular shared the screen with Aaron Taylor Johnson who won the Golden Globe in this category.

My pick: Mahershala Ali should be the lock that he has been built into. Though he was only in the first act of Moonlight, his performance is powerful. Ali's performance is so internal that he makes his character Juan be both the most intimidating and vulnerable in the scene. This is a testament to the writing as well, but Juan is longed for and felt throughout the remainder of the film.

What will happen: Ali wins this one. Bridges is a threat, but this is his seventh time being nominated, he has one win. Patel's presence could sneak up on Ali because it looks like Lion won't win anything, and this could be the one spot to sneak it into the winners' circle. 

Best Supporting Actress


This category is all but secured by Viola Davis for her brilliant, snot filled performance in Fences. It truly is a shame because Davis should have been recognized as a leading woman. Just like Alicia Vikander in The Danish Girl and Patricia Arquette in Boyhood, Davis should win for a role that should not be in the supporting category. Had Davis been in the best actress category the door would have been opened for past Oscar winners Nicole Kidman (Lion) and Octavia Spencer (Hidden Figures), past nominee Michelle Williams (Manchester by the Sea) in her fourth go-around, or Naomi Harris (Moonlight).

My pick: Davis is a lock. She is well overdue for the golden statuette. While Davis is truly incredible, my pick would have been Harris had Davis not been in the category. Harris gave a chilling performance as Chiron's mother Paula.

What will happen: See everything above. All signs pointing to Davis.

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