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Oscars 2017- What to Know- Best Actor & Actress

Oscars 2017- What to Know- Best Actor & Actress


It's finally here! The culmination of awards season, the grand finale. The 89th Academy Awards are tomorrow, and if you're like most people I know you don't really care, haven't seen any or most of these films, or both. Luckily for you I am more excited for this then I was for the Super Bowl. That may be a product of being a Jets fan, but nevertheless here's what you need to know going into tomorrow night.

Best Actor


What seemed like a runaway by Casey Affleck now is not such a sure thing. After taking home the Golden Globe, he lost the SAG award to Denzel Washington. Denzel has gained a ton of steem, as has Viggo Mortenson for Captain Fantastic , but Affleck could still pull through. Ryan Gosling and Andrew Garfield are fine actors who will most likely take home the gold some day, but to be nominated this year is their reward.

My Pick:  Casey Affleck poured his heart out into this role and he truly deserves this award. One of the finer internal performances we've seen in a very long time. Denzel was remarkable in Fences  but he has already won a Tony for playing the same role. If anyone should upset Affleck I hope it is Mortenson. I personally enjoy when the Oscars get a chance to recognize actors that have had long, nice, under the radar careers. Both Affleck and Mortenson fit that bill and should be recognized for career performances (granted Viggo is Aragorn in the The Lord of the Rings  but that is in a terrific ensemble and this year he demonstrated his career performance).

What will happen:  I really wanted to say Affleck, but Denzel takes this one. Denzel is classic Denzel so it is not that he doesn't deserve it, but does he really need a third Oscar? He will get it eventually. I just hope it is not tomorrow.  

Best Actress


Much like best actor, this could go a few different ways. Emma Stone, already one of the world's highest paying actresses, could finally collect an Oscar after being nominated for her role in Birdman and supporting in other critical darlings such as The Help. Meryl Streep has picked up some support for her political presence. Ruth Negga gave a solid performance in an underwhelming movie. Isabell Huppert was supposedly amazing, but I did not see Elle. Sorry, it's French. Last but not least, Natalie Portman became Jackie Kennedy. The race would've been much clearer if Viola Davis was properly recognized as a lead actress.

My Pick:   Natalie Portman in Jackie . I've always been partial to biopic performances, and Portman is fantastic. My vote would be for her to earn her second Academy Award in her third nomination, though she won't be in attendance because she is pregnant. Had Viola Davis been placed in this category rather than supporting actress, she would have ran away with the category for me.

What will happen:  Emma Stone is awarded her first Oscar. The La La Land  backlash has helped Huppert get some more love, but it is hard for me to see both leading performances from Chazelle's second feature be shutout. 

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