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We Were All Rooting For You

We Were All Rooting For You

A-Rod we were all rooting for you...

Mind you while I am writing this I am currently taking a shit and much like this shit it will soon be forgotten, much like the career that was A-Rod's career, but then again I'm not done shitting yet.

And what that is is a damn shame for the guy who had all the talent in the world.

We are usually inclined to celebrate people who have such talent, but this is not always true. For success creates distance from his fellow competitors and admirers alike. By way of his talent he was put on a pedestal and although that may not be fair it is the circumstance that A-Rod found himself in, and this is something he was never comfortable with. 

He could not accept it, and this became all the more true when he was granted the largest contract in professional sports history by the Texas rangers, and so, by his word at least, this is when he started taking PED's.

It would be impossible to fulfill that contract (how could you?), and the craziest part is he nearly did and more, hitting over 150 home runs over those three years. Simply put, that is an absurd stat.

And so as his talent was seemingly being satisfied by his numbers, he was traded to the New York Yankees and was placed on the marquee franchise in all of sports.

It is so interesting that, to the position to his left, a position that would become his former one, was Derek Jeter, the squeaky clean superstar who had all the popularity in the world and could not have fulfilled his role on that team and within the franchise to a larger degree. He was beloved, the captain, and so A-Rod was graciously exiled to the ranks of third base.

Yet, it should be noted, and this should not be forgotten, A-Rod was able to do that and play third base at a high level, just because he could, and the same could not be said for Derek Jeter despite all the talent and love that was lauded over him while in New York, then again, why would he move?

And then A-Rod got caught, and so he fell, and he was scrutinized and his reputation diminished to a point to which it could never recover.

Then, even then, this was not enough for A-Rod, and this is why people don't like and find it so easy to dismiss him.

It was never enough for A-Rod, he had all the talent in the world, he could not sign contracts that would match his enormous ego, and then when he got caught and should have bowed his head and graciously accepted his now tarnished reputation - What did he do? He went out, sought what was probably the shadiest anti-aging clinic in all of Florida and got caught again.

The only thing that really ever did supersede, or ever could supersede A-Rod's talent was his insecurities.

We were all rooting for you A-Rod, and he never heard us, he didn't want to, he never could.

I just finished this shit and after seeing A-Rod play his last game the other night I could say right now, I'm satisfied. 

Today is a new day.

But now what to eat...


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