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Was 2016 Really That Bad?

Was 2016 Really That Bad?

As we sit on our couches awaiting 2016 to come to a close and see a huge crystal ball drop, many are asking, did 2016 drop the ball? Rather, did enough bad  things happen between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016 to justify blaming it for everything shitty that happened to you? Because everything is about you. I want to go ahead and say "No!" 

All week I've been tuning in to the Game of Thrones marathon. Today, New Year's Eve, is the day for season 6. As I sit and watch, SPOILER , Jon Snow hang the men who betrayed him, I take a second to acknowledge that I am watching this on television. In years past you had to go out and see public hangings for this type of violence. PUBLIC HANGINGS WERE A THING. The town would go out on a Sunday and watch people die. That was fun. And they didn't nearly have the character development that Thrones has. See, 2016 not that bad!

A ton of people are upset about tragedies such as Aleppo and Hurricane Matthew, as well they should. My glass half full says that, well, yes they are terrible, but tragedies have happened such as these for all of time. But in 2016 you could tweet about how much you hate it! 2016! Equally as bad, but how much fun is complaining and trolling!

The Cubs won the World Series. That was cool!  

If you got laid one time in the calendar year, well done! 2016! Everybody has sex! 

Top Gun  turned 30! I like that movie! 2016! Everybody is  #PlayingWithTheBoys

IWC began! 2016! Content for days! 

The Dick Hangs Movement. 2016! Dick Hangs!

Sure, a ton of people died. Famous people died. Influential people died. Yet again, this happens every year. If anything we should acknowledge that 2016 probably has the best in-memoriam section in history! 2016! All of our dead people were cool af! 

President Trump. Yikes, am I right half of the country? Woo-hoo, am I right other half of the country? Sure, a reality star is president. Sure, Russia or whatever. But, hey! As a country we probably have the highest ratings we've ever had. Viewers that is. Let's just accept that, as a country, we are one scary reality show. We are a viral sensation! U-S-A! 2016! Everybody hates us but people keep watching! Just like The Big Bang Theory ! 

As for Trump, don't worry about it. In four long years he'll be gone. 2016 has left us one last gift. Charlie Sheen is taking his HIV Winning ass on the campaign trail! We've officially done it. The presidency literally means nothing anymore! 2016! Nothing really matters! 

Final thoughts: Time is man-made construct. The calendar is, though based in some kind of science, completely made up. Chances are all of your misery will continue in 2017! 2017! Everybody's life still sucks! Happy New Year's! 

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