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Kanye Supports Trump, Thinks Trump Will Exile Taylor Swift

Kanye Supports Trump, Thinks Trump Will Exile Taylor Swift

Mr. West, a humble man, shockingly upset a mass crowd last night. This time, he rapped about building a wall and said that he would've voted for Trump...if he voted. But he didn't.

As probably the first pop celebrity to support the current president-elect, Kanye has BALLS. Or zero filter and incoherent brain cells. Fans booed him for a half an hour as he kept his momentum.

Kanye even gave Trump his own Yeezy nickname: Treezy. Which suspiciously resembles the word treason. 


Possibly one of the best speeches of our time was Kanye's VMA acceptance speech from 2015 that ran for approx seven minutes. He announced that he will run for president of 2020 as people everywhere laughed and applauded, before realizing that the demise of America IS possible. If Kanye West runs for president, it's time to bathe in ice cubes to numb the spreading of absolute nutjobness. This is the Dawn of the the Dead. Yes I'm talking about that scary zombie apocalypse movie that made me throw up when I was eight.

Kanye's decision to show support springs from his desire to rid the country of his haters, like Taylor Swift. Unfortunately, Kanye thought Trump said, "We need to get the trivial attention-seeking untalented white women who sing about love OUT OF this country" instead of, "We need to secure our borders."

Kanye also thought building the wall meant expanding the Great Wall of China, where his Life of Pablo Shirts are made.

Not only is Kanye a model gentleman but he is also politically informed!

He's kept quiet throughout election season, and Kim low key suggested she didn't know who to vote for before a flock of angry media trolls metaphorically assassinated her until she said she'd vote for Hillary.


Kanye and Trump are actually two peas in a pod when you think about it because they both love bitches and get money.


I am really looking forward to seeing DJT in a pair of Yeezys. Did Obama even wear his????

Still waiting for Taylor's comment about the election because as human beings that is the most important thing in our lives to distract us from the crippling reality that is we.don't.have.lives.

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