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5 Ways You Know You Are You

5 Ways You Know You Are You

If you didn’t know it by now, you are so you. This listicle is going to list all of the most redundant, obvious ways proving so. Because you are most likely abandoning any real commitment by relying on online blogs to highlight details in your life that you never realized embodied YOU because the vapidity of youth increases as the cogency of unintelligent media brainwashes our attention spans and concrete values of life, this article is SO for you!


1. You wake up in the morning

It’s hard to believe this one, but YES waking up in the morning means YOU are YOU!! This is so you. Tag your friends in this!!!


2. You are made up of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus and also potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine and magnesium.

We overlook the small details in life, but that’s what makes us US. If you think about it, you are you because science says so, and that’s scary especially if the government is actually plotting human obliteration.


3.  Someone says to you, “Hi [your name here.]”

Has this ever happened to you??? If so, then, that’s right, we said it here first, you are you.


4. You have a Bitmoji

This is SOLID proof that you’re you. If you ever forget, just refer back to the Bitmoji to remind you and also don’t forget to include it in your Snapchats so everyone else knows you’re you!


5. You actually can hear your own voice in your head but you can’t hear anyone else’s.

No matter how small your brain is, you definitely can hear YOU in there. Have you ever thought about why you can’t hear anyone else’s mind voices? Nailed it. You’re you. It’s proven.  


If all five of these apply to you, then share this article so everyone knows the type of person you are because this is how Millennials and Gen Z's communicate now that the only way to figure out who they are is to continue plunging into the words of new age journalists who drink their coffee black, instead of picking up a novel to explore deeper what makes them them!!!!! Stay tuned for more idiocracy!

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