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Idiots Without Credibility

Based in Queens, New York, Idiots Without Credibility began in the summer of 2016 as a podcast for some funny friends to talk about stuff. They know a lot about nothing and a little about something which leads to some of the most entertaining views and opinions you can consume into your brain. Idiots Without Credibility, in association with Dirty Bubble Media, has grown into a hub for all things entertainment. The world is messed up and society is stupid so we consider ourselves the right (perfect?) people to tell you about it. All the cool kids like us so hop on, and we're pretty funny, too. 

Dirty Bubble Media

Dirty Bubble Media is a Video and Audio production banner producing content to make you laugh and think. Dirty Bubble Media was founded by Brian Lloyd in 2016 as a platform to create stuff he liked and through smart satire and quality stories, Dirty Bubble Media  has quickly grown to produce some of the best stuff you'll ever see, hear, taste, touch, or smell. For more Dirty Bubble Media projects head to Brian's personal site or the Dirty Bubble Media YouTube Channel.

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